Saturday, June 03, 2006

Joining the IWW

A few weeks ago, I finally took the step and joined the Industrial Workers of the World, better known as either the IWW or the Wobblies. Unlike most unions, the Wobblies take several radical stands, including:

Opposition to the capitalist system of wages and owners.
A faith in the efficacy of direct action instead of traditional techniques of governmental recognition and collective bargaining.
A wide-net organizing tactic that allows any worker (even those in other unions, unemployed, still in school or retired) to join, even without support from their co-workers. Thus you, if you’re not an employer, can be a Wobbly today.
A tradition of opposition to government repression and militancy.

After years of decline, the Wobs are slowly coming back and they have found many members amongst Anarchists who are drawn to the organization’s long and proud history (see here) and its tactics. They’ve also begun successful campaigns at organizing Starbucks and in non-profits, where workers are often exploited but ignored (because they’re working for a “good cause”). For more information about joining the Wobblies click here.

"An Injury Against One Is An Injury Against All." -The IWW Motto

-By Jesse