Sunday, May 07, 2006

Technical Update

I'm still fiddling around with this website, trying to get it to look the way I prefer. I would enjoy hearing your comments on the look. The most obvious change is the background photo and I think it deserves a moment of description.

The photo is of the "Pumphouse Pagoda," the last building remaining (notice the field of rubble that surrounds it) in a brownfield that once held the headquarters and factories of the Endicott Johnson Shoe Company in Johnson City, NY. The Pagoda for me is a poignant symbol for several reasons. The Pagoda itself was constructed by EJ Workers out of industrial waste: broken bricks, pieces of machinery, old worn tools, etc. Its use was pumping water for cooling the factory factory and for moving water about the pool in neighboring C. Fred Johnson Memorial Park. The pool and the factories are now gone but the Pagoda abides. I have a bit of poetic side and this spot reminds me of the spirit of Upstaters and our will the perservere which is why I think it is an excellent backdrop for this blog.

-by Jesse